Vec Technologies

VEC logoThe family boat of the future.
Made possible by patented VEC® Technology.

VEC® is the patented, computer-controlled manufacturing process used to produce every Larson VEC® hull. In fact, Larson is the only boat brand in the world made exclusively with VEC® Technology. What does that mean for you and your family? The VEC® process guarantees that every Larson VEC® boat meets highly precise standards for quality and design.

Higher quality.
Wood free.
Integrated stringers.

Outstanding Performance

Larson's VEC® process produces incredibly precise hulls using a closed-molded composite lamination process that the competition can't touch. The result is a one-piece “uni-body” hull with an integrated composite stringer and transom system that is stronger, lighter and more robust—so you experience a fast, dry and quiet ride.

Incredible Value

Attention to detail isn't limited to the VEC® process. Every Larson is loaded with a long list of standard features that, until now, have only been found in boats costing considerably more.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Our integrated VEC® hull and stringer system results in boats that are so durable and reliable that every VEC® hull comes standard with an unrivaled Lifetime Limited Warranty. And you can transfer this warranty to a second owner, increasing resale value and peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

VEC® Composite Technology computers control more than 500 complex variables that reduce styrene emissions by up to 90%. In fact, the process is so environmentally friendly that VEC® was awarded the prestigious Clean Air Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.